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An Imperial Wharf, London
success story

Recognising potential is often the difference between a property sitting on the market for months and suddenly selling for the agreed price. Doulton House in Chelsea Creek is a case in point. Light and spacious, with an enviable SW6 location and great connections, this two-bed apartment was sitting empty and unloved in a sea of similar properties — and brand new ones in nearby developments. With nothing to distinguish it, asking price offers were not forthcoming.

With a proactive approach, we enlisted the help of a leading London interiors contractor who invested in staging the flat at no initial upfront cost to the seller, transforming it into a stylishly on point urban oasis. Immediately more appealing to profiled buyers, we arranged professional photography and compelling copywriting to position it as a lifestyle choice. The flat was then proactively marketed in 57 countries with a focus on Hong Kong, Chinese, Middle East and American buyers and as a result we received multiple offers. The result? A faster sale, at a higher price.

If you suspect underselling could be the reason your property isn’t attracting enough interest (or the right kind of buyer), we’d be happy to chat, without obligation, about what we could do for you that is different to a reactive agency approach.

People first. Property second.

VTRE is a bespoke property consultancy with a refreshingly personal approach. Backed by Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate company with a network of 190,000 owner agents across 45 countries, it's a more made-to-measure way to buy, sell or let as opposed to the traditional one-size-fits-all approach of the traditional estate agency model.

Here is what the flat looked like before we took over

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